Associates Platform Benefits

Access these benefits as soon as you join our Associates Platform.

Client Billing

Collect single or recurring invoices and get paid directly via your bank account or Paypal

Priority Support

Get answers to your questions with 24/7 to our priority Associates Care team

Associates Blog

Advance your skill set with articles on regulatory, compliance and risk management.

Associates Forum

Network with talented experts and specialist from all over the world. 

Associates Dashboard

Optimise your productivity and keep track of projects by managing workflow.

Get Feedback

Share a private link to your in-progress work and get feedback from clients.

Associates Resources

Enhance your skill sets with eBooks, case studies, webinars and case studies. 

Shared Files

Store, organise and sync all your media on a shared platform for your team

Project Management

Manage your project using third parties project management softwares and tools.

Blacksswan Associate Platform FAQ

What is the Blacksswan Associates Platform? 

Our Associates Platform is for talented regulatory, compliance and risk management experts looking to support businesses in meeting their regulatory and compliance requirements. 

How do I join the Associates Platform? 

You can join our Associates Platform by clicking "Sign Up" on desktop. Once you've been vetted and onboarded, you'll become one of our Associate.

Does it cost money to join?

No, our Associates Platform is free to join. 

How do I work on new projects?

You'll receive via email  a weekly round-up of new client projects/requests which can also be found on our "Opportunities Board". You can then review the opportunities that are of interest and apply. We'll also introduce your profile to one of our clients if you fit their skills and competencies requirements. 

How do I access my new benefits?

You can access all of your benefits from the Associate Dashboard under Home. 

Become a Blacksswan Associate